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Diva’s Diamonds IG Live

Diva’s Diamonds IG Live began broadcasting live on September 16, 2021, on the Diva’s Diamonds Instagram page to share live conversations with influencers in music, fashion, clergy, digital media, and so on! Queen Diva asks both guests whom she knows personally and has new connections to just come on and have an organic conversation about their life and all things divine! It is an entertaining and thought-provoking conversation outlet that Queen Diva has wanted to do for a while. It is full of laughter, light, and love! Tune in on Thursdays at 7 pm CST/8 pm EST.

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Diva’s Diamonds: Words to Inspire Empower & Encourage Blog & Podcast

Diva’s Diamonds By Queen Diva on Blogger.com was created on July 22, 2010, in Houston, Texas! I had stopped doing radio in 2006 and was trying to figure out what did I want to do next? I prayed about it and the Lord said to share your wisdom and call them Diva’s Diamonds! I used the PINK-Possibilities I Now Know because I LOVE the color PINK!! And I researched that PINK Diamonds are so very precious and flawless diamonds! I thought that is exactly what we all are precious diamonds and during our journey through life, we become flawless through many life challenges, victories, and defeats!

I initially started just blogging words of inspiration and then I started to write empowering and encouraging posts! After a while, I started the Diva’s Diamonds by Queen Diva Podcast on BlogTalkRadio.com and recorded for 15 minutes and it was a mini-sermon or a quick word of the day. But it wasn’t until I was trying to figure out how to promote my first Diva’s Diamonds Conference NYC 2019 that the Lord said to use what you have and I did my first interview with one of 5 speakers I had confirmed to speak 30-minute interviews each.

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It became a hit and I started to interview amazing Women of God who are drinking milk to those who are on the meat of the Holy Bible and their relationships with Christ Jesus.

While this show is not religious it is spiritual in the sense that I ask each interviewee what keeps them strong? How are their prayer and spiritual life? It is truly very inspiring what each person shares about their life, health, spirit, businesses, family, dreams, goals, triumphs, failures, and resilience through it all.

Some past guests include Former Mayor David Allen of Prairie View, Texas, Director of Boys Mentoring for The Steve Harvey Mentoring Program For Young Men at FELA Foundation Frankie Hallum, Body Positivity Advocate, Actress and Philanthropist Chenese Lewis of the Chenese Lewis Show-The #1 Plus Size Podcast in the World just to name a few. We were nominated for “Podcaster of the Year 2019” at the Inaugural SpeakerCon 2019 Awards & Gala!

Starting in 2021 I now broadcast on Anchor.fm which it is distributed on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, iHeartradio, and Amazon, and produce 15-20 minute inspirational broadcasts weekly on Thursdays where I share words to inspire, empower and encourage the world.


Diva’s Diamonds Publishing, Conference, and Merchandise

2020 marked my 10th Anniversary of consistently sharing my Diva’s Diamonds Brand online! I now have three eBooks called Diva’s Diamonds Ultimate P.I.N.K. Diamonds Collection eBooks and in 2018 I released the Anthology!


I also started PINK Diamonds Dream, a life and career coaching service, as well as PINK Diamonds Beauty, a beauty and fashion movement that comprised of a PINK Diamonds Beauty Sparkling Lip Gloss and Diva’s Diamonds Perfume in 2017, and in 2019 I released Diva’s Diamonds by Queen Diva Athletic Shoe 100% Italian Leather in April.


In August 2019 I introduced Sonja Elise by Queen Diva Bootie 100% Italian Leather in conjunction with my 15th Anniversary in ministry with Divine Voices World Ministries!


Sharing this brand has been a joy and a pleasure to do daily for the last 10 years! We successfully had a virtual conference due to the pandemic on August 22, 2020, on Facebook Live with Carrie Rice (Carrie’s Couture Lounge and Carrie’s Couture Online Boutique), Nicole “Epic Shae” Sanders (CEO of WigSlayers and WigSlayers Unlimited with 100K+ members on Facebook) and Nanette Watts (Former owner of Miss Plus World Pageant),


We have published two new publications via Issuu.com! Diva’s Diamonds Shine Resplendently E-Zine, in conjunction with the Diva’s Diamonds by Queen Diva Podcast & IG Live, and Diva’s Diamonds Book Report, in conjunction with our Diva’s Diamonds Book Club, on Facebook in 2022!

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